About Ravi


Ravi Prakash (born August 26, 1960) is an Indian politician for the Kheri (Lok Sabha constituency) in Uttar Pradesh.

He is son of Late Balgovind Verma Ex. minister of Gov. of India and Mrs. Usha Verma . Ravi prakash verma is 4 times MP and currently appointed as Member of Parliament(Rajya Sabha).He worked actively with Nobel Prize Winner Mr Kailash Satyarthi . Most of people don’t know he is a wildlife conservationist. He had asked maximum question as an MP.


about1Ravi Prakash Verma is also best known parliamentarian and widely travelled all over world. Due to his vision and deep knowledge Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav appointed him as the Member Of Parliamentary Board Of Samajwadi Party.He is a well known Social activist , Wildlife conservationist, velit sed leo. Ut pharetra augue nec augue. Nam elit agna, endrerit sit amet, tincidunt ac, viverra sed, nulla. Donec porta diam eu massa.


Today some one asked about my vision for lakhimpur so here i am sharing it with you in a very precise way:

I want every children should be educated (quality education with practical knowledge not on paper’s) , want to establish a district council of education which monitor’s the quality of education in our district, already organized free health checkup , free agricultural fests and planning to organize a career counselling for youth which will helpful to them in shaping their future . I am also in touch with some agencies which can help them(youth,which are interested) to fly abroad based on their skills and also helps them to upgrade their knowledge about Visa process,tax terms,salary and geographic conditions.

I am also working on the problem of energy crisis and found some alternative resources in our district by which we can generate electricity. Some of them are:

*to conserve methane gas from Sugar mills and use it for clean energy production

*to develop and use biogas generator’s to fulfill the energy needs for small villages

*also in touch with some experts which are willing to generate electricity using turbine from bairage located in our district.

I am also working to develop Gola and Dudhwa as a tourist hub and coordinating with CM to start the Palia Airport and to construct some resorts(may be 3 or 4 star level) which can be helpful to increase tourism and create employment for the local people.

I am fighting to overcome the problem of flood since from 1998 and i am the only person from district who has filed PIL in highcourt to take the flood problem at national level( i am very serious about this major problem because this is the biggest hurdle for the development of our district) and meet the engineer of Sharda bairage (Mishra Ji from Gorakhpur) to take his valuable suggestions to overcome the problem of flood , the straight solution for this problem is the construction of Pancheswar Multipurpose Project in Nepal which costs for $billions and this is the reason why nepal and indian government is not working on this issue effectively. Tomorrow i do have a meeting with the Chairman of Central Water Commission and together we will work to find out the effective and alternative solutions to overcome this problem.

I am 100% committed for the development of Lakhimpur Kheri but this will take some time and i also want the cooperation from the every section of society and district.